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I am proud to say I am a BEAUTY BLOGGER!~ I can’t get away from sharing ideas, tips and whatever I can with anyone who wants to take the time to read. There is so much out there right now, you have no idea what is the best for you. There is trash and then there is cash, meaning ways to save money buying the right products. Just walk into your local drug store and see just what there is. But do you know what is the right colors for you? How about nail care? Or does your hair color go with your face? Do you love looking made-up all the time or are you more of a natural beauty type?

Beauty Tip one must always follow. NEVER walk out of the house without at least mascara on.
You never know who you will meet that day and you never know if someone is checking you out. If you are someone who sells beauty products,(Examples of other sellers of beauty AVON, MARYKAY I bet you never see them without makeup)I can’ just go to the post office without at least mascara on. My blue ION has my beauty logo on the back side windows! Sometimes just a little makeup makes you feel better.

Beauty overload these days, you need a little insider information. I have been online since 2004 so I know a bit or two about beauty, skincare and what works and doesn’t work.
Nothing worse than buying something only to find that it doesn’t work for you. We will be offering you insider beauty tips on what is out there and how to get the most for your money. Stick around and do come back.. You never know what I might start sharing secrets about… After all this is secrets of beauty…

~ Kim Snyder Owner Overall Beauty: Group of Websites to help teach you new and improved beauty tips.

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